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DigMEE State of Business Review

The foundation of our executive advisory service is to directly engage with senior leadership, C-suite, Boards, and private equity firms when their organizations are challenged and need the critical support of an experienced partner.

We provide real-world expertise and advisory solutions to existing programs or those entering the online e-commerce space for the first time. As a direct partner to the senior executive team, we advise C-suite and Board members on how to reduce risk and drive EBITDA expansion with innovative and targeted strategies.


Many small to mid-sized businesses with new or existing e-commerce and marketing programs simply cannot invest in senior level, experienced resources. But the financial impact that comes from relying on inexperienced staff members who are likely to make more than a few costly mistakes as they learn on the job is far too great. Those lost dollars can and should be reinvested elsewhere.


DigMEE executives are seasoned pros that can step in and run the function and respective teams, implement the various solutions to build or enhance a program, and then transition to permanent leadership with less chaos and misdirection. Imagine employees are able to team with e-commerce and marketing experts who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, all while reducing risk, optimizing investment, and creating a shorter path to business and revenue growth.

These core leadership roles align to our premium solutions and are imperative to program success. If your business needs an experienced interim leader, we can provide world-class talent for up to 12 months in roles such as:

  • Board of Directors Member

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Head of eCommerce

  • VP of Digital Marketing

  • VP of Marketing

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