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DigMEE eCommerce Comprehensive Suite™

We offer a comprehensive program for businesses that are just beginning their eCommerce journey or have already launched but find they need to make critical adjustments and fix key problem areas. Our end-to-end solution covers everything from assessment to implementation and improvement, continuing through to marketing with a la carte options or with our full DigMEE Digital Marketing Comprehensive Suite™.


There is so much to consider when building and implementing an e-commerce business. Critical issues such as security, scalability, hosting, mobile, integration, customization, and countless fees can make or break a business. 

Where are you in the eCommerce Lifecycle? 

We have a solution that's right for you.

Build e-Commerce

  • Platform Selection

  • Fulfillment Selection

  • Customer Service Set Up

  • Systems Integration

  • Organization Structure

  • Website Design


  • Project Management

  • Determine Marketing Channels

  • Partner With Technology Selection

  • Partner and Channel Management

  • Ongoing Analysis

Digital Marketing

Capability Assessment 

We will perform a DigMEE eCommAssessment™ to identify business requirements and market opportunities.



A strategy and plan will be developed that aligns to your specific business goals.


Vendor and Partner Selection

We will manage the entire RFP process, vendor selection and analysis, contracting, and on-boarding process.


Technology Selection

Leveraging your unique business requirements, we will manage all technology selections for you, including e-commerce platforms, OMS, WMS, customer service, marketing solutions, and architecture design.

Organization Structure and Design

To best manage your e-commerce program you need the right team in place. We can design the optimal organization structure for you, define the roles and responsibilities required, and manage the entire hiring process.

Project Management

When it comes to building and implementation, you need an efficient and effective partner. We will handle the entire system implementation, website redesign, and partner on-boarding process.

Digital Marketing

Once your eCommerce solution is ready to launch, getting it into the market in front of the right audience is critical. We can customize a marketing solution that incorporates an a la carte approach, or we can implement our full DigMEE Digital Marketing Comprehensive Suite™.

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