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Online Retailer - Surfwear and Accessories


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A recently acquired and public online retailer of surfwear apparel wanted to shift their strategy from a discount retailer to a premium retailer.  The company also acquired a traditional media content company and wanted to convert that content to digital content in order to drive retail sales online.


DigMEE Partners was hired as an interim CMO to lead all marketing efforts related to this transformation and the online retailer.  DigMEE also filled the role as GM of the US division of this global company.



  • As interim GM, DigMEE led the reorganization of the US entity to streamline the merchandising team and focus on a reduced, premium product assortment, while constructing the marketing organization to support digital content creation and distribution via digital channels.

  • Setup of a marketing calendar and related processes to ensure fresh, engaging content was being rolled out consistently to attract and retain consumers.

  • Redesign of existing website, rollout of a new blog site, and digitalization of the previous direct mail catalog in order to change the brand from a discount to a premium retailer

  • Reduction in promotions and increased content messaging in the marketing channels:  email, display, retargeting, affiliates, influencers, social, etc.  Led to a significant increase in margins


  • 18% percent increase in traffic to the website and 80% increase in engagement and time spend on the site

  • 5% increase in revenue and 26% increase in margin which led to a 28% increase to EBITDA

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