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Manufacturer - Photography Lighting 


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A private equity-backed manufacturer and online retailer of photography lighting and accessories was struggling to grow their direct-to-consumer business. The business had great success on Amazon (1P and 3P), but the combination of increased competition and an inexperienced team resulted in stagnant growth. The company did not have a plan to grow off-Amazon channels and its existing marketing efforts were not delivering results. Other challenges the company faced included inefficient business processes, team misalignment, and inadequate e-commerce systems. 


DigMEE Partners was hired to fill an interim executive e-commerce role at the company and worked side-by-side with cross-functional teams to revamp and drive the company’s multi-channel digital strategy.

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  • DigMEE Partners led the implementation of a leading multi-channel Order Management System (OMS) which significantly improved demand planning, sales reporting, and order fulfillment

  • DigMEE Partners sourced and on-boarded a development team and managed a successful website redesign project.  This resulted in an improved consumer experience and a 2% increase in conversion

  • DigMEE Partners developed and implemented a detailed multi-channel digital marketing strategy to drive new product launches, improve brand awareness, and drive traffic to various channels. This included onboarding and management of agencies specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO, Social Media, and Amazon-Sponsored Product Ads

  • Working closely with the company’s marketplace and creative teams, DigMEE Partners implemented a streamlined process for launching new products and optimizing existing listings on third-party marketplaces which increased sales 20%


  • Website design increased conversion by 2%

  • Product listing optimization increased marketplace sales by 20%

  • OMS system resulted in reduction of 87% of underperforming SKUs and increased inventory turns by 94%

  • Improved sales reporting and forecast accuracy led to improved in-stock rates and a 12% increase in sales

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