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Retail Chain - Home Products


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Company Confidential was a 350-unit national retail chain of value-priced home products. The ecommerce business was recently launched and growing at a slower pace than anticipated.  The management team wanted to accelerate the growth of ecommerce without cannibalizing the brick & mortar sales. DigMEE Partners was brought on as an interim executive to lead the ecommerce and digital marketing initiative.



  • Performed an assessment of the organizational structure and reorganized the ecommerce and marketing teams to support efficiency and growth

  • Performed detailed requirements gathering and led the RFP process for the implementation of a new ecommerce platform (Magento) and system implementor (S/I).  Let the successful implementation of Magento and put the necessary teams and processes in place to support on-going enhancements, bug fixes, and on-going projects

  • Developed a third-party marketplace strategy and launched Amazon 3P and eBay channels which grew the ecommerce business 150%

  • Led the implementation of a dropship program to increase the assortment and grow sales without cannibalizing brick & mortar sales.  Assortment increased from 25k skus to over 1 million and sales increased by 75%

  • Increased website traffic over 50% by adding new marketing channels:  retargeting, paid search, email, and affiliate.  Also added website features such as product recommendations, cart abandonment and content personalization, which drove a 50% increase in conversion rate

  • Implemented a marketing calendar to ensure structure around marketing activities and improve marketing message to improve brand perception.  Customer satisfaction had dropped to under 50% before acquisition and improved to over 95%

  • Audited and revamped the customer service / call-center policies and SOPs to support a seamless migration to outsourced services with a minimal impact to business or brand experience. Increased customer service hours at the same cost with less reduced internal headcount



  • Ecommerce sales increased from $3M to $25M and almost 10% of overall revenue within 2 years

  • Positioned the company for future growth through the upgrading of systems, people, and processes

  • Significantly increased revenue in a new channel which helped position the company for sale and an offer from a large private equity group

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