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Manufacturer & Retailer - Gourmet Cookie Gifts


Order Management System Selection | Partner Selection | E-commerce Assessment | Digital Marketing Assessment | B2C | B2B | Consumer Goods


A 30-year old manufacturer and retailer of premium gourmet cookie gifts was recently acquired by a consumer packaged goods company. Under new ownership, the company’s primary goal was to drive incremental B2C business through their website.  DigMEE Partners was engaged to ensure the right systems, processes, and marketing strategy was in place to achieve their growth goals.  DigMEE Partners worked closely with functional managers and members of the executive team to obtain a clear view of the current business, as well as a deep understanding of existing processes and customer behavior.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • DigMEE Partners initially performed an ecommerce and digital marketing assessment to provide the new executive team an understanding of the current state and identify areas of opportunity for operational efficiencies and revenue growth.

  • Since 80% of the company revenues, costs, and operations happens in the 4th quarter, it was quickly identified that they are not operationally efficient to scale at maximum margins during the 4th quarter.  Implementing fulfillment best practices and identifying a new Order Management System (OMS) were identified opportunities.

  • DigMEE Partners also identified additional initiatives such as a website redesign and marketing opportunities to grow the top line.  As part of the assessment, DigMEE provided a significant list of website enhancements and marketing strategies for the internal team to implement.

  • DigMEE Partners led the selection and implementation of a new order management system.


  • 2x improvement to EBITDA through the establishment of a robust order management system and enhanced website design

  • Achieved significant cost savings through the reduction of seasonal administrative overhead and streamlined order fulfillment processes

  • Identified additional revenue growth opportunities via the expansion of digital marketing channels and website enhancements

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