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Franchise - Pizza Restaurant


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A private equity-backed pizza restaurant franchise hired DigMEE Partners as the interim Chief Marketing Officer to help expand and grow the business through digital channels. DigMEE Partners performed a comprehensive digital marketing assessment and identified the biggest opportunities were a website redesign and improvement of paid search and paid social campaigns.  The website’s poor design did not deliver a compelling brand experience and it created unnecessary friction in the purchasing journey, hindering the conversion of sales. DigMEE Partners also identified that the existing digital agency was primarily a TV and radio buying agency and had limited experience with the digital channels.




  • Delivered a significantly improved brand experience through strategic website and mobile enhancements

  • Digital marketing spend efficiency saw a 5% increase in same store sales

  • DigMEE Partners identified key decision criteria and developed a scorecard system to evaluate various digital agencies to perform the website design. Once the agency was selected, DigMEE Partners led the design and implementation project 

  • DigMEE Partners sourced and led the selection process of a new digital marketing agency with specialized knowledge and experience in the digital, franchise, and restaurant industry. Working closely with the agency and the internal marketing team, DigMEE Partners delivered a marketing roadmap that would grow online traffic, drive brand awareness, and increase overall sales. Paid search and paid social increased from a 5:1 return to 12:1 ROAS

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