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Manufacturer - Performance Exhaust Systems


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The leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket catalytic converters and fine quality performance exhaust systems was eager to relaunch and grow their manufacturer-to-consumer (M2C) business. The 30-year-old brand was primarily engaged in indirect distribution channels and was new to navigating the challenges of launching a successful Ecommerce business.  Their goal was to eliminate costly missteps, reduce their time to market, and increase their return on investment. In addition to managing risk, the manufacturer wanted to ensure they had the right strategy and organizational structure in place to achieve the following:

  • Control and cultivate relationships with customers that transcend retail channels

  • Capture actionable consumer behavioral data

  • Deliver a personalized and cohesive brand experience

  • Drive additional revenue and high margin sales




  • Assessment - DigMEE Partners performed an on-site assessment of the company’s e-commerce and digital marketing activities and capabilities. DigMEE Partners met with key stakeholders, including functional managers in the following departments: E-commerce, Distribution, Data, Customer Service, Finance, Marketing and Technology. Following the assessment, a comprehensive report was presented to the executive team. The report provided a strategy of how to launch the M2C business, revenue growth opportunity, estimated costs to launch and run the business, and organizational gaps. 

  • E-commerce/Marketing Executive Recruitment - It was key that the marketing division was properly aligned within the entire organization and had the right roles and functions within the team to achieve their goals. DigMEE Partners worked closely with internal stakeholders to find, interview, and hire an experienced senior level executive to oversee both marketing and e-commerce. This person was to have oversight, ownership and responsibility for the website, serving as the decision-maker on finding the balance between brand vs commerce. It was also important that the person have financial goals and metrics that cross both e-commerce and the wholesale business.

  • Marketing Strategy and Alignment – Adapting the brand’s digital marketing strategy to include e-commerce was a critical component of their success. Historically, the company’s marketing department was heavily focused on activities centered around driving brand awareness. DigMEE Partners worked with the company to align e-commerce and digital marketing initiatives with traditional marketing activities. The deliverable was a formalized digital marketing roadmap that detailed budget, channels, content, dates and performance metrics.

  • Enhanced the organization by recruiting a deeply experienced EVP of Marketing and by transforming marketing functions and processes to support both digital and traditional sales channels

  • Reduced overall project risk and achieved company’s IRR goals

  • With a reinvigorated digital strategy, total company revenue increased by 12%

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