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B2B Distributor - Hardware & Machinery


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A 40-year-old B2B distributor with 20+ locations across the U.S. wanted to grow its online business while maintaining independent pricing within each region.  The company’s goal was to provide more convenience for their customers to transact, improve discoverability of their products and services, increase sales, and continue to offer custom solutions for their customers. DigMEE Partners was challenged to help assess whether to replatform their ecommerce system or work with the existing system and ensure desired goals and functionality was implemented.

Carpenter at Work


  • Led the assessment and cost benefit analysis of re-platforming the ecommerce platform rather than redesigning.  Decision was to redesign for the short-term to get immediate results and kickoff the planning process for a future re-platform. 

  • Led the planning and execution of the website design project which included the sourcing of an offshore team to complete the development work.  Website redesign included the following unique features:  allowing B2B customers to place custom orders online, predictive search to make browsing and search more effective, imported order history to make repeat purchases consumer friendly.

  • DigMEE Partners developed and implemented a detailed multi-channel digital marketing strategy to drive new product launches, improve brand awareness, and drive traffic to various channels. This included on-boarding and management of agencies specializing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO, Social Media, and Amazon-Sponsored Product Ads. DigMEE Partners created a digital marketing strategy and led the implementation of many of these initiatives. This included marketing automation and personalization tools. This allowed the company to curate and display relevant products and services to users based on their buyer persona. We also shared this data in an automated fashion via Hubspot with the internal sales team, so they could use it to capture and nurture leads.

  • Created a laminate portal to capitalize on the company’s most profitable channel.  The portal enabled customized ordering and only showed products available in that customer’s region with regional pricing. This led to a significant increase in online sales in this category and an increase of in-store sales by driving consumers to research and start their purchase online and finalize in-store.

  • Supported the company’s future platform migration initiative by developing a comprehensive feature and functionality requirements document. With a complete understanding of current and future business requirements, as well as the gaps in the existing system, DigMEE Partners found and vetted alternative solution providers. The final output consisted of a detailed systems comparison report, along with a fit-gap and ROI analysis.


  • Established an accelerated digital commerce strategy and roadmap that transitioned the company from a traditional offline B2B distributor into an multi-channel integrated business.

  • Ecommerce sales achieved a CAGR of 81% over a 3-year period

  • Enhanced the organization by helping recruit key new positions on the ecommerce team

  • Managed CAPEX budget and identified ecommerce systems enhancements that exceeded IRR goals

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