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Online Retailer - Pop Culture Apparel


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 A 10-year old distressed made-to-order apparel online retailer was recently acquired with the hopes of turning around the business.


The company had been plagued with a lawsuit, poor management, a re-platform gone wrong, and 20k unfulfilled orders. DigMEE Partners was hired to be an interim CEO and lead the turnaround of the retailer.  New capital was infused to enable the fulfillment of outstanding orders, upgrading of personnel, and improvement of systems and ecommerce platform.



  • DigMEE Partners led the cleanup of 20k unfulfilled orders.  Working with printers to fulfill the demand and handling customer responses.  Customer inquiries decreased from 200/day to 30/day and resulted in significant reduction in labor required.

  • Reduced SGA expenses by 15% and improved product margin by 8% to lead to company profitability within 3 months.  Company had no policies around expense control and no contracts in place with printers.

  • Initiated 3 IT projects to stabilize the ecommerce platform and improve the infrastructure to enable future growth of assortment expansion, marketplace expansion, and new marketing channels.

  • Implemented a marketing calendar to ensure structure around marketing activities and improve marketing message to improve brand perception.  Customer satisfaction had dropped to under 50% before acquisition and improved to over 95%.


  • Increased EBITDA from negative to 12% of revenue

  • Increased sales by 45% in year 1

  • Enabled foundation for the company to introduce a new brand with the plan of doubling company revenue

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