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DigMEE is your partner to realize your revenue potential

No matter where you sit in the e-commerce and digital marketing lifecycle, we can eliminate costly missteps, reduce your time to market, manage overall risk, and increase your return on investment. 

Boutique Firm with Experience

We are a boutique consulting firm focused on ecommerce strategy, execution, and digital marketing. We serve both the small to mid-sized market and work through private equity firms to engage their portfolio companies. We strategically partner with clients that seek the most comprehensive digital solutions designed to build enterprise value, increase revenues, and drive scalable growth.

DigMEE Partners has extensive executive experience leading e-commerce and digital marketing teams. We ensure you’re armed with the right strategy, people, process, and technology, as well as premium partnerships that support long-term growth and competitive advantage.

No matter where you sit in the e-commerce lifecycle, we can eliminate costly missteps, reduce your time to market, manage overall risk, and increase your return on investment. 

Reduce Mistakes and Time to Market

At DigMEE, we work with B2C, B2B, and M2C companies across a diverse set of industries. What makes us different is that we are seasoned operators who have launched and run numerous e-commerce businesses and digital marketing teams. Our clients work with us for our inherent ability to balance between strategy and execution. With decades of experience, we understand the pain points that come with building a successful e-commerce business.


If your team is overwhelmed with the number of decisions that need to be made before implementing your e-commerce site, or you’re stuck in analysis paralysis when it comes to selecting the best technology, or maybe you’ve already implemented something that simply doesn’t integrate with the rest of your systems, we can help. 

Our Solutions

Program Assessments:

DigMEE eCommAssessment™ – 
Leveraging our targeted proprietary 
assessment tool, we conduct a full review of your e-commerce program and business needs and provide a roadmap to a new solution.


DigMEE MktgAssessment™ – With our proprietary assessment tool, we conduct a full market assessment and provide you a clear path to an optimized digital marketing program.

Suite Programs:

DigMEE eCommerce Comprehensive Suite™  – If you’re building a program from the ground up, overhaul an existing program, or you’re simply looking for opportunities to improve performance and increase growth, we offer a wide set of solutions across the entire e-commerce spectrum. 


DigMEE Digital Marketing Comprehensive Suite™  – Whether you’re a new business looking for an experienced partner to manage every aspect of your digital marketing footprint, or you’re an established organization that needs to overhaul or amend your existing program, DigMEE brings together powerful strategies, scalable technologies, high-value touchpoint programs, and in-depth reporting and analysis. 

Advisory Services: 

DigMEE State of Business Review™  – We partner with executive leadership to provide real-world expertise and advisory solutions to existing programs or those entering the online e-commerce space for the first time. As a direct partner to the senior executive team, we advise C-suite and Board members on how to reduce risk and drive EBITDA expansion with innovative and targeted strategies.

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